Hi, my name is: Monica Shaw. I'm a writer, photographer and web and social media consultant. More than a little food-obsessed, I work mainly with chefs, restaurateurs, food brands and other food writers to help them use the internet to improve their businesses. I have an MSc in applied mathematics and have been working with computers and the internet for over 15 years. I like data, and I use it as much as possible to solve problems and prove that the solutions actually work.

I'm a member of the Guild of Food Writers and write frequently about food, marketing, business and social media for publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Chef Magazine, Food Magazine and The Writer. I live, work, write, cook, eat and play from a converted barn in the Wiltshire countryside.

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web consulting for foodies
Internet & social media consulting for chefs, restaurateurs and foodies. I help businesses thrive.
freelance writing
Mostly food writing, plus a bit of copywriting & corporate writing. View samples of my work here.
smarterfitter blog
Food stories, recipes & photos. Smarterfitter is where I write for the pure joy of it.
My photos have appeared in various publications, online & off. View my photos on Flickr.
writer's residence
I co-run the business that created Writer's Residence, the awesome tool I used to build this website.
big sur productions
Video demos and screencasts that don't suck. I run Big Sur Productions with my sister.
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